Suncore Foods Organic Premium Midori Jade Matcha Supercolor Powder, Green Food Coloring Powder, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Organic, 3.5oz (1 Pack)

Suncore Foods


Vibrant Color - Our Premium Midori Jade Matcha Supercolor Powder boasts a vibrant lush green color made from organic premium matcha leaves from Japan. That's it! They are ground into a powder to uphold the preservation of their original state, freshness, and concentration of color Easy To Use - To add a dash of rainbow, simply mix into your favorite yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and baked goods, and you'll be eating fun and creative meals in no time! Then tuck the rest away in the resealable pouch and store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight Tips And Tricks - A little goes a long way! Start with small doses and keep going until the desired shade is achieved, but keep in mind that acidic ingredients may affect the original color. Fret not! With its powder form, it does not affect the consistency or flavor of the final product much Fun Tidbit - Legend has it that samurai warriors used matcha as a form of meditation to prepare their minds and body for battle. Some also believe that Buddhist monks used matcha to stay awake while calming their minds and relaxing their bodies during long sessions of meditation Feel Good Ingredient - Non-GMO and certified gluten-free, kosher, and organic, this Supercolor Powder is made of a single ingredient plucked from nature and is sourced, processed, and packaged with the highest standards to ensure the highest quality


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