Sherlyn Chopra details sexual harassment episode, reveals she has filed FIR against businessman Sunil Lodha - Times of India

Sherlyn Chopra details sexual harassment episode, reveals she has filed FIR against businessman Sunil Lodha - Times of India
Apr 2023

Sherlyn Chopra on Friday filed a molestation case against a financier in Mumbai. In her complaint, the actress stated that the accused molested her on the pretext of giving her money for a video recording, when she opposed it, the accused hurled expletives and also threatened to kill her.
The actress organised a press conference and spoke about her sexual harassment episode in detail with the media. Sharing details she said that on April 12, she returned to Mumbai from Dubai in the afternoon. Her manager called to inform her that an investor is eagerly waiting to meet her. He added that the said investor wants to invest in her project. In the evening, she recorded a hip hop song at a studio in Mumbai and returned home. Later in the evening, her manager took her to a hotel in Mumbai where the investor was waiting to meet her. The businessman was named Sunil Parasmani Lodha.

As soon as he saw her, he showered her with praise and told her how big a fan he was of her. Citing that he wanted to invest in her project, he gave her manager a token amount. Apart from that, he also gave another chunk of the amount to her as 'good luck'. Sherlyn, however, told him that she cannot make an above average music video in the amount that he has given her. She also informed him that she would at least need Rs 15 to Rs 20 lakh for an above average music video.

Lodha told her to accept the token amount and he would send the rest to her account. She recalled talking to him till 12.30 PM. Later when she got up to leave, he told her that he didn't have a ride home. So she decided to drop him in her car. Sherlyn told the driver to drop her home first and then take him ahead. After reaching her house, Sunil said he wished to see her house. So she invited him inside and offered him drinks and food. He said he was vegetarian so she got him vegetarian food. After they ate, they sat on the couch talking. Suddenly, he suddenly touched her chest and she immediately recoiled. She told him she didn't like that and he apologised. He said she was hot and he was unable to control himself around her. Sherlyn told him that she is hot but she is not a public property.

She asked him to leave and he said he will call himself a cab. Sherlyn went to her bedroom and he followed her in the pretext of asking for a charger. According to her, he started misbehaving with her once again. She asked him directly if he has been given some wrong idea about her by someone. He denied but she still called her manager around 2.30 PM to clarify. However, he didn't receive her call. She told Lodha that she would like to have a group meeting in the morning to sort things out. Hearing this, he got angry.

He then told her that he paid her manager to spend time with her and not to invest in her music video. Sherlyn denied knowing anything about it. However, he refused to leave. He started abusing her and threatening her.

A case has been registered against the accused under sections 354, 506, 509 of IPC. Further probe is underway.