New Moms, Take Note Of These Sexual Wellness Tips By Our Expert

New Moms, Take Note Of These Sexual Wellness Tips By Our Expert
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Mar 2023

Childbirth transforms the new mother. A woman undergoes multiple physical and mental changes following the birth of her baby. While most postpartum conditions are temporary, others can affect the new mother in the long run. Thus, postnatal care holds a lot of importance. Post the delivery of the baby, the new mother needs physical, emotional and psychological support to get back to the pre-pregnancy phase. It isn't easy but slowly, gradually, they can get there. Sexual well-being is often neglected postpartum and this condition can harm the woman both physically and mentally in the long run. It is thus important for new moms to pay attention to their sexual health after delivery. So we spoke to Dr. Aruna Kumari, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Bangalore, Bellandur and asked her to share some sexual wellness tips for new moms."Postpartum is the most sensitive period in a woman's life. She has just gone through the pain of delivery, her scars are healing. Just as she is recovering, there is anxiety about the baby's care and nutrition. Thus, getting back to their regular sexual well-being is challenging," said the expert. Further, our expert shared some tips that can be helpful for new mothers to get maintain their sexual wellness post-pregnancy.

No Sexual Activity Till Six Weeks

Our expert advised that the couple should avoid sexual activity up to six weeks after delivery. It is advised so because a new mother undergoes postpartum bleeding or lochia that is quite similar to menstrual periods. Also, since the tissues around the vagina are sensitive post delivery, the woman is at risk of infection.

Sleep Well And Eat Healthy

Lack of sleep and unhealthy diet impacts a woman's sexual drive. Some hormonal changes too lead to vaginal dryness and pain that impacts a woman's libido. Sleeping well and eating nutritious food can help with the sexual drive.

Maintain Perineal Hygiene

[photo1]Dr. Kumari suggested maintaining pe

rineal hygiene before and after sexual intercourse. It is a good idea to wash your perineal area with water and soap before and after sexual activity. Washing your hands, peeing after sexual intercourse are some effective tips to maintain hygiene and prevent the risk of infection.Don't Miss: Women, Here's Your Guide To Be In Tune With Your Sexual Desires

Do Not Hold Urine

Our expert suggested women to not hold their urine for a long time as it puts them at risk of urinary infections that can further negatively impact their sexual health.Don't Miss: Sexual Wellness Tips Every Young Adult Needs To Know, Expert Weighs In

Use Barrier Contraceptives

The expert further shared that while the mother is breastfeeding, there are chances of escaping ovulation. So, if the new mother is lactating, the couple should try barrier contraceptive methods.

Ask For Support

[photo2]It isn't easy for a new mother to get back to the pre-pregnancy intimacy. During postpartum, the woman needs a lot of psychological support from their partner. New mothers undergo many physical changes like weight gain, stretch marks and these make them uncomfortable to indulge in sexual intercourse. A partner's support can make a lot of difference.