How to Retain the Results of Breast Lift Surgery

How to Retain the Results of Breast Lift Surgery
Breast Lift
May 2023

A woman's breasts lose their suppleness and tend to sag over time as a result of factors such as aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations. A breast lift (mastopexy is designed to raise, contour, and tighten the breasts. Additionally, it can eliminate asymmetry and other flaws. Breast lift surgery in Manhattan addresses sagging and gives the breasts a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape.


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A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that improves the appearance of the bustline by lifting the breasts and improving symmetry. The procedure can also improve the appearance and positioning of the nipples and areola. A breast lift can fix breasts that are drooping, unequal, deflated, or appear unappealing due to other reasons. If you're thinking about getting a breast lift, you need to know how to handle the recovery period and maintain the results for years to come.

Breast Lift Surgery - Tips for Long-lasting Results

The outcomes of successful breast lift surgery can last for years. However, factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and health can have a significant impact on how long the results of a breast lift last. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to after your recovery so that your results last for as long as possible:

Stay hydrated: Both internal and external hydration is essential. Using a high-quality moisturizer on your breasts can help keep the skin firm and slow down the aging process. Some lotions and serums have chemicals that can promote the development of collagen and keep your breasts naturally elevated. While application of skin moisturizers can help, you should also drink sufficient water to keep your body hydrated. Proper hydration will keep your skin moisturized and help avoid sagging and the appearance of stretch marks.Exercise regularly: Exercise benefits your body in many ways. Perform exercises that target the chest muscles. Having strong pectoral muscles will keep your breasts elevated and flexible. Developing the chest's supporting muscles will prevent sagging and is also advantageous for the complete body.Eat healthy: Diet management is one of the most important aspects of self-care following any type of surgery. Your body's capacity to mend and maintain its new shape is greatly influenced by the food you eat. You must monitor your diet if you want to maximize the results of your breast lift and maintain them for years to come. To delay aging and maintain beautiful skin, eat foods high in immune-boosting nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, it's crucial to prevent weight fluctuations because they could affect your outcomes. Strength training will help you stay at a healthy weight, whether you do it with light weights, pilates, yoga, or a combination.Watch your posture: Standing tall and straight will not only make you look slimmer and elevate your breasts, but it will also prevent your breasts from drooping during the day. Good posture is also important to strengthen the underlying muscular structures in your neck, shoulders, chest, and back.Wear the right bra: Your breasts are supported by your bra, which also prevents breast tissue from sagging. However, it is reported that up to 70% of women wear a bra size that is too small or use bras that are too loose and do not provide the best support. Choose a firm, medium support bra that is pleasant and easy to wear every day.

If you are thinking about getting a breast lift, consult an experienced plastic surgeon in Manhattan. An expert will explain how a breast lift can transform the appearance of your breasts and also help you visualize your results using 3D imaging technology. Depending on your concerns and goals, they will also discuss additional alternatives that can enhance the outcomes, such as combining a breast lift with breast augmentation. A skilled plastic surgeon will also provide post-op care instructions and guidance on maintaining the benefits of your breast lift.

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Breast lift surgery in New York City eliminates sagging and results in elevated, perkier breasts. Results of the surgery normally become more apparent right away, improve over a few months, and last a long time. It is crucial to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle in order to retain your new shape.