Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura
Jan 2023

Tribulus Terrestris is recommended in Ayurveda for erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and motility, UTI, Cystitis, Bph, or enlargement of the prostate and to strengthen muscles.

The plant Tribulus Terrestris is known for its medicinal properties. It is known as "gokshura" in Ayurveda. This herb is widely used in alternative systems of medicine. In European folk medicine, it is used to treat headaches, dizziness, and sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation. In Chinese medicine, this herb is used in the treatment of liver, kidney, and cardiovascular problems. The Health Benefits of this herb are innumerable.
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Helps in Erectile Dysfunction and Oligospermia.
Helps in body building and immunity
Useful in PCOS or PCOD
In UTI and Cystitis
Helps in the Management of Weight and Diabetes
Good for piles, fissures and fistula
Balances Vata and Pitta
Strengthens Respiratory System
Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Gokshura

Helps in Erectile Dysfunction and Oligospermia.
Gokshura is eulogized as vrushya. This means it is a very good aphrodisiac and helps to increase sexual function and fertility in Men. Ayurveda acharyas recommend this herb in Ayurveda vajikarana therapy. (an ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction, oligospermia (low sperm count and motility). It increases libido and helps in rectifying male impotence.

Increases Muscle Bulk and Immunity
This herb increases appetite and normalizes digestion. The thorny herb is praised as "balakrud" and "pushtida" which means it strengthens the body. Many kinds of research have shown that this plant increases testosterone levels. This helps to increase body weight and boost body immunity. Hence this herb is used in ayurvedic treatment for weight gain (brumhana therapy) and also as an ayurvedic immunity booster.
( Testosterone is responsible for the development of male sexual characters like physical strength, muscle mass, body shape, body hair, deep voice, sexual function, etc. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the testosterone level is reduced. Testosterone is necessary for the formation and preservation of bone structure and bone density (Asthi dhatu). It acts as a memory and concentration booster. This hormone helps in brain activity like learning skills, memory power, etc. This hormone is very essential to maintain the body's general energy levels. )
This herb is very popular among bodybuilders.

Helps in PCOS or PCOD
This herb is very useful for women who suffer from PCOS. It helps to fight water retention (as it is a diuretic), reduces body weight, boosts female libido, and improves blood glucose levels. This can be used as the best ayurvedic medicine for PCOS or PCOD

Useful in kidney stones, Cystitis, and UTI
Studies have shown that this herb has diuretic properties. Ayurveda acharyas explain the medicinal properties of caltrops as Shulaghna (Relieves abdominal pain), Krichraghna (eases difficulty in passing urine), Sheetala (acts as urinary tract coolant), Bastivataghna (relieves pain in the bladder), Ashmarihara (Breaks and removes kidney stone). With all the above-mentioned properties Tribulus is a drug of choice for kidney stones, Cystitis and UTI.

Helps in the Management of Weight and Diabetes
This herb helps in weight loss, as it has diuretics and muscle-strengthening properties. String muscles improve endurance and lead to weight loss. Ayurvedic treatment for obesity includes this herb as medicine. Weight loss in turn helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Texts of Ayurveda eulogize this herb as "Pramehahara". They recommend this in the treatment of diabetes.
Through research, it has been found that this herb lowers cholesterol and acts as an antioxidant. It also helps to manage hypertension or high blood pressure.
Weight loss and anti-diabetic properties of this plant help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to obesity and also erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

Good for piles, fissures and fistula
Scholars recommend this herb in piles, fissures, and fistula along with other herbs. This plant is praised as "arshaghna" . (one which helps to relieve piles or haemorrhoids). It's anti-inflammatory and Vata balancing properties help in the above diseases of the rectum.

Balances vata and pitta :
This herb normalizes Vata dosha & pitta dosha. Hence it is recommended for diseases that arise due to an imbalance of these doshas.

Strengthens Respiratory System
Caltrops enhance the immunity of the respiratory system. It helps to fight cough, cold, bronchitis, and asthma. It also strengthens heart muscles.

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties
Ayurveda acharyas describe the medicinal properties of gokshura as follows.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura

It is sweet to taste (madhura rasa) and has the same taste even after digestion. This herb is heavy to digest (guru), increases moistness, and eases mobility of tissues (snigdha). Gokshura acts as a body coolant (sheeta veerya).
Botanical Description
BOTONICAL NAME : Tribulus terrestris L.
Mature plant: Prostrate with stems up to 2m long. Leaves are opposite, each consisting of 4-8 pairs of spear-shaped leaflets. There are long hairs on the leaf margins and lower surface. Stems are round and hairy. Flowers are yellow
Enclosed is a woody star-shaped structure 5-7 mm long and 5-6 mm wide (carpels). Up to five seeds in each carpel each seed 1.5-3 mm long, yellow. Each plant can have upwards of 2000 seeds
Cotyledons are narrow oval, round apex, and hairless. Immature plants have leaves divided into pairs of hairy oval leaflets with pointed apices
Yellow, 8-15 mm diameter, 5 petals.
Woody burr about 1 cm diameter with sharp spines to 6 mm long. Burr consists of 5 wedge-shaped segments. Each segment has 2 unequal pairs of spines.
Prefers light-textured soils but will grow over a wide range of soil types. In Australia, it is a weed of cultivated crops, overgrazed pastures, stockyards, roadsides, lawns, and neglected areas.
Tribestan is a completely natural non-hormonal herbal (phytochemical) bio-stimulator derived from the plant Tribulus Terrestris L., Bulgaricum, which contains predominantly saponins of furostanol type, with prevailing quantity of protodioscin (not less than 45% in Tribestan). It is a natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones without any clinically proven toxic effects. Tribestan administration leads to increased muscle mass (mamsa dhatu) in active sports by activating the enzyme associated with energy metabolism. At the same time, it has also been reported to have the ability to stimulate some functions associated with the increase of the body's natural endogenous testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. With the increase of the body's natural endogenous testosterone level, it can help to alleviate some symptoms associated with male menopause
Contains alkaloid - Harman & Harmine
Synonyms in Ayurveda and Indian languages.
Gokshura means the thorns of this plant prick hooves of cows when they walk on the ground in search of food.
Ikshugandhika has sweet fragrance like sugar cane
Trikantaka A plant which bears fruits with 3 thorns
Svadukantaka. Fruits of this plant are sweet to taste.
Shvadamshtra a fruit that has needle-like thorns.
Kantaphala - fruits with spines
LOCAL NAMES (in India) :
Gokharu (Hindi), Gokuri (Bengali), Kante gokaru (Marathi),Land caltrops (English), Kadle mullu (kannada)

Benefits of Gokshura or Tribulus
The uses and benefits of gokshura are widely researched scientifically. You can click on this link to know about scientific research and studies which affirm Ayurveda health benefits of gokshura or tribulus. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24600195/?from_term=tribulus+terrestris+ayurveda&from_pos=1