3 Herbal Tea Recipes To Soothe Your Soul This Winter

3 Herbal Tea Recipes To Soothe Your Soul This Winter

Winter is upon us in full swing and we're literally getting Narnia vibes while paving our way through Delhi's windy winter days and chilly nights. A hot cuppa herbal tea to hold onto and to keep us warm with a book to read , is all we can think of. The big bonus with herbal tea is that it cleanses our palette and helps us keep our gut in the pink of health. Basically, we're saying that herbal tea is literally all things good in a cup.

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Here is a curated list of herbal teas you can get your hands on this winter to stay all warm and fuzzy inside out.
Lemon and Pepper Tea [photo1]
This OG herbal tea works like magic for immunity building. It also detoxes your system, particularly your kidneys, and helps reduce achy joint pains for arthritis patients.
Juice from 1 lemon
Half a teaspoon turmeric powder
Quarter a teaspoon pepper
One and a half teaspoon honey
How to mix:
Add pepper and turmeric in the mug
Pour over hot water
Add the lemon juice and honey and stir
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Ginger Tea[photo2]
This potion is the perfect emedy for cold, cough, and fever. It is an all in one wonder as it helps alleviate the symptoms of a bad tummy.
1 teaspoon ginger root
One and a half teaspoon honey
2-3 cloves
1 cinnamon bark
1 strip orange peel
How To Mix:
Boil a cup of water
Add in all the ingredients to the boiling water
Bring the heat down to low, and let the mix steep for 15 minutes.
Strain the mix into a cup and drink away
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Ashwagandha Tea[photo3]
Ashwagandha is considered to be yet another magic herb that promises to repair the immune system, stabilise blood sugar, and redands anxiety and stress.
1 dried ashwagandha root
1 teaspoon honey
How to mix:
Wash the ashwagandha root thoroughly
Boil the root in a cup of water
Keep it simmering for about 15 to 20 minutes
Strain into a cup and add honey. You're done!

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